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The experience gained in the last fifteen years has allowed us to observe that the time and the resources that are applied between a problem detection (need – opportunity), the search for solutions, the choice and then the implementation are not coordinated so that these “solutions” are managed in a context of “continual improvement”. That is, many time companies cannot conclude with the resolution of their problems because of the lack of resources coordination.


On the supply side, the enormous diversity of professionals who provide services in all areas have been affected by the lack of continuity in the relationship between professional-supply and demand for services, moving from robust structures of consultant to independent professionals without bearing capacity to suit their requirements.

In search of an optimal solution of existing problems and the managment of this factors which affect the context of both companies and professionals NADEO ® Business Solutions was founded with the goal of connecting a network of skilled professionals to cover the demands for companies services through a flexible and competitive structure able to respond in an continuous changing environment.



Who are we?

NADEO ® BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is an organization of professionals coordinated in time and resources that reply with effective and efficient solutions to organizational needs.

We work in two ways, inward qualifying and diversifying the provision of services with professionals and partners, and out developing, communicating and providing solutions for companies and institutions.

We are providers of business decision making and the means to contribute to their value increase.


What are our values​​?

  •  Honesty,
  • Commitment to customer
  • Confidentiality
  • Social Responsibility. 



Why should you choose us? 

 Because by contracting one supplier (NADEO ®) who take the problem or need and assume by your own risk and time and resources´ management the whole solution (or part of it), its implementation and monitoring, you obtain:

  • Increased efficiency in achieving objectives with a better work coordination
  • Lower costs by accessing a flexible and dynamic company
  • Focus on your competitive strategies by delegating the solution of your problems and needs to a reliable company.



Core Competence

  •  A solid professionals and companies network with technical expertise of the highest trained and experienced in their services.
  • Flexibility in matching resources to client needs
  • Economic capacity to implement projects of different magnitude
  • Leadership in achieving synergy teamwork in the solutions provided